Catering & Special Events

At Pasha Mezze, we offer high-quality catering services and we offer a variety of options for your special events, business meetings, and on & off-site catering events. We can help you plan and host corporate meetings, luncheons, private dinners, holiday parties and much more by tailoring our menu to your needs. Our warm and professional service team will attend to every detail so that you may enjoy your special event with your guests. Our gracious hospitality and tantalizing cuisine ensure an extraordinary and memorable event. You can pick any one of the three sections of our restaurant; the main dining area, the private lounge, or the patio to suit your needs for your special event. We are also open for buyout events. Our whole restaurant capacity is up to 100 guests. Ever since moving to our current location in Norfolk, VA, back in 2008, we have hosted a wide range of events from wedding parties to military meetings and numerous off-site catering events throughout Hampton Roads. Your satisfaction is our number one priority here at Pasha Mezze. Call us to schedule an event today! 

Pasha Mezze Offers Catering in Norfolk, VA
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