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    Will miss you! All the best in what ever you do next.
    Richard Fitts

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    I had dinner here last night and my husband ordered the soup of the day, a moroccan bean soup. I tried it too, and it was just delicious! It tasted fresh, all ingredients were nicely balanced and the flavoring was exquisite. I ended up eating half of my husband's soup! I would love to find this recipe on the menu, not only as a soup of the day. We will come back just for this. Thank you, and please don't change it, it was perfect!

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    Came in for a quick Sunday bite to eat with Holly(she's vegetarian). The vegetarian options here are the reason I chose this location. The service was outstanding as usual, as was the ambience. They had an awesome 90s play list on and it really made the occasion fun-keep up the good work guys!

    Oh, the food was awesome too! I had the lintel soup and a chicken hummus wrap and would highly recommend both. Thanks again!

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    This place is amazing! The food is fresh and delicious! Vegetarian or Vegan? They have options!

    My Valentine's Day date took me here and we had a marvelous time! The ambiance was lovely and the service was fantastic! The service was exceptional; everyone was so warm, inviting, and friendly!

    For Valentine's Day, they had a special menu and complimentary chocolate covered strawberries!

    My date is borderline pescatarian but he leans more towards Vegan dishes. He ended up getting the Grilled Salmon Skewers though and I ordered the Grilled Meat & Poultry Lovers.

    To be honest, I was very fickle because everything sounded so good... but my order was OMGGGG all thee yummms! It was so flavorful! I love me some lamb and they gave me a good portion too! I couldn't finish it all, although I wanted to.

    Overall, the dinner entrees are somewhat pricey but really worth it. The food and experience is just bomb dot com! I'll be coming back very soon!

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    Pasha Mezze is a truly special place. I had the privilege of getting married there! Pasha was extremely accommodating with my requests. The food is not the only truly incredible thing about Pasha Mezze, the setting is perfectly romantic and more importantly the staff made my husband and I feel like king and queen. Thank you Pasha Mezze for treating us like family and for helping to provide my most perfect day.

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    Have now visited Pasha on two recent trips to Norfolk, once for lunch and once for dinner and really like this place.

    Excellent, versatile, yet simple menu with well prepared Turkish comfort food. Can order a small or large order along with a decent appetizer menu which gives a lot of flexibility to order a variety of items to share small bites. Both dishes I had were well balanced flavor profiles.

    Service was friendly and welcoming.

    Very versatile place, you can come in for small plates, lunch, dinner, drinks, breakfast, coffee, deserts, soups salads or sandwiches, comfortable for any need.

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    While I had never had Turkish food before coming here, I think I have been permanently spoiled thanks to my trip here. How can any other Med/Turkish place hope to compare to it?

    Came here as part of a group this past Saturday afternoon. While there was plenty of parking, it was still a challenge finding a space (this shopping center is extremely popular, it seems). Both the exterior and interior of the restaurant were beautifully decorated, and I was struck by how perfect this place would be for any sort of event: a date could work (lots of vegetarian/vegan options), a business meeting or event could work (they even have a separate building for scheduled events), or a family outing would work as well.

    The menu was varied and had a little something for everyone. Our service was stellar and definitely helped to make the experience an unforgettable one. Pricing wasn't too exorbitant, though this is certainly not an everyday place to grab lunch.

    I would definitely return if I happened to be in the area!

    Overall: 4.5 stars
    - Great food from a lengthy and varied menu.
    - Service is excellent.
    - Ambiance is classy and appealing no matter what the nature of your outing is.

    - It can get a bit loud inside, so your hearing may be at the mercy of whichever table you are placed at.
    - Parking is a challenge despite the large parking lot.

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    Today my wife and I visited Pasha Mezze for lunch. I chose the Anatolian Plate (pictured). It was fantastic, and large. No appetizer needed prior to this dish. The eggplant 'steaks' were perfect as was the quinoa cake. Black beens are served cold and a very nice change of pace while consuming this wonderful entree. Highly recommended for Vegans or anybody looking for an outstanding full flavor entree.

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    First time coming here and was pretty impressed.

    I got a chicken wrap that was very
    I liked it a lot.
    Will definitely be going back!

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    Wow, stopped in here for lunch after a morning full of apartment hunting. Was feeling a bit bummed-out about my search but lunch here made me forget my sorrows in a flash. Also, shout out to 102.1 The Tide Radio for running the ad about this place.

    I started off with a Turkish Coffee which was delicious. I needed the kick on this rainy day. I wanted to sample a variety so I order the Turkish Salad Sampler. It was a little pricy for lunch, but I was well rewarded for that choice.

    Everything on that plate was absolutely amazing. As a whole, it's one of the best meals I've had in Hampton Roads since moving here in 2015. Their hummus is the best I've eaten...and I've tried A LOT of hummus. The fried zucchini cakes were crispy but delicate on the inside, and packed with flavor. The spicy walnut spread gave everything on the plate a nice warm undertone with a subtle chili profile. The red lentil salad brought the smoky notes of cumin into the mix. Finally the tomato, feta, and kale salad made everything pop with its freshness. Pita chips were on hand to help scoop and carry these various salads to my mouth. I could have used maybe two more wedges, but that's me.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone. I will certainly be back when I'm in the area.

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    This is one of my go-to places for sure. The staff is friendly, the ambiance and atmosphere is beautiful & charming, and the food is delicious.

    Whenever I come here, I always order an egg-plant wrap and a side of lentil soup. Their rice pudding and bonbons are amazing as well. This is a great place for a family brunch on a Sunday, quick lunch during the week, or nice dinner before exploring the rest of Downtown Norfolk. Five stars well deserved.

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    When arriving we were greeted by an awesome waiter who was very accommodating with my peanut allergy. After letting them know of my mothers birthday, the manager personally designed a plate of deserts for her ON THE HOUSE! Can't wait to return!